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Mainsail/Headsail draft stripe tape
Draft stripe tape designed for Mainsails
and Headsails.  Automatically charge
and glow for up to 20+ hours
allowing your yacht to be more
visible to shipping and other traffic
whilst also allowing you to control
your sails during the day and all
night without the use of torches
and with no negative effect on
night vision.

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Spinnaker sail tape
Glowfast spinnaker tape is the lightest of our sail
tapes and adheres to new and used spinnakers
without the need for stitching. Glowfast
Spinnaker Tape allows you to view the entire
luff of your sail all night without the need for
torches. Dramatically improving the safety
onboard your yacht.

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Sail tape packages
Find a sail package for
your yacht.

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General purpose luminous tape
Great for use on stair treads,
hand holds, safety equipment
torches and evacution marking.

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Whipping twines, luminous buoys
& accessories

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