Luminous Telltale Patches

Luminous tell tale patches also known as glow in the dark tell tale patches help your steer your yacht straight and fast all night.

With as little as 10 minutes exposure to light they can glow for up to 20+hours.
Luminous Telltale Patches
  • Glow in the dark sail tape


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Steer and trim your boat to its potential all day and all night with Glowfast Luminous Telltale Patches. With as little as 10 minutes light they will glow for up to 20+ hours and automatically recharge the next time they are exposed to light.

A common concern voiced from the racing sailors is that Glowfast Products will allow other yachts to know where they are and what they are doing, but this is simply not the case as they are only visible for a couple of hundred metres and with a performance increase of up to 20% your competitors won't be that close for long.

Each pack contains 2 tell tale patches 1 for each side of the sail.

Glowfast recommends the use of a telltale at least an 8mm across for optimum contrast.

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Glow in the dark sail tape