Glowfast commercial products far exceed international safety standards and will glow for up to 40+ hrs. Glowfast products automatically recharge when exposed to natural or artificial light without the need for wires or batteries.

View our standard range or we can custom make products to suit any application.

Wayfinding and evacuation products

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Glowfast luminous safety labels and signs
Don't get caught out after dark with our complete range of safety labels and signs. Comply with regulations,
Improve your safety and help
you family rest easier whilst your
on the water.
Custom labels also available.

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Luminous adhesive tapes

Great for use on stair treads,
hand holds, safety equipment
torches and evacution marking.
10 minutes light
and they'll glow
for 20+ hours.

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Luminous metallic signs

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Glow in the dark paints

Glowfast paints glow for 40+ hours and can be applied to almost any surface Complete paint or mix your own with our paint additives.

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