Luminous Rope Clutch Labels (Standard set of 14)

Glowfast Marine Luminous Rope Clutch Labels also known as glow in the dark rope clutch labels or glow in the dark jammer labels are the most comprehensive range of rope clutch labels in the world with over 60 standard labels to choose from. Made using patanted technology which enablethem to glow for up to 20+ hours with as little as 10 minutes exposure to light they are fitted as standard to yachts from many of the major builders and can also be retrofit to any rope clutch or jammer on the market
Luminous Rope Clutch Labels (Standard set of 14)
  • Glow in the dark rope clutch labels
  • Glow in the dark rope clutch labels



    Glowfast Rope Clutch Labels are designed to look superior during the day whilst adding functionality and safety to your yacht once the sun goes down. Glowfast Rope Clutch Labels enable you and your crew to quickly and decisively indentify the correct rope to pull or release any hour of the day or night. So no more costly time consuming mistakes during the dangerous period during the night.

    Automatically charging under the sun Glowfast labels will glow for 20+ hours before recharging when next exposed to light. 

    No need for torches
    Will not affect your night vision

    Suitable for racing or cruising, Glowfast Luminous Rope Clutch Labels are great for labeling jammers, clutches and at mast entry points.
    Because we recognise that yachting is a global sport, Glowfast Marine has designed a range of additional Luminous Rope Clutch Labels, allowing you to customise our standard set. click here to see our range of additional blank and individual Luminous Rope Clutch Labels.
    Our Rope Clutch Selection Guide has been provided to assist in the selection of the correct size Luminous Rope Clutch Labels for your yacht. Please note, this is a guide only. Glowfast reccomend that you measure your rope clutches to ensure best fit.
    Contact us for custom design.

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    Glow in the dark rope clutch labels
    Glow in the dark rope clutch labels