Luminous spinnaker Tape

Improve sail control, safety and speed.
Luminous spinnaker Tape
  • Glow in the dark spinnaker tape



Seeing the luff of your spinnaker is vital to keeping your spinnaker working correctly and most effeciently.  Most damages, injuries and performance losses occurs between the period of sun down and sun up.
If you plan on sailing with spinnakers at night than Glowfast Luminous Spinnaker tape is a must have item.
Gennerally applied in a V formation at several points up the luff of you spinnaker Glowfast Spinnaker Tape allows you to see the luff curl of you spinnaker all night without the need for artifitial light and loss of night vision.  Seing your luff curl is vital to keeping your spinnaker flying correctly reducing breakages and improving your performance imeasurably.
The lightest of our tapes Glowfast Spinnaker Tape is easy to apply, will not peel off and does not distort sail shape even in the lightest of conditions.

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Glow in the dark spinnaker tape