- Ken Read, Skipper, Puma Ocean Racing

"Glowfast tape and products have made sailing fast at night far less difficult. They are amazing tools we have grown to rely on as we race around the world."

Simon Fisher, Diverse Yachts

We have been using Glowfast for many months now and it has been great – the stripes stay bright right through even the darkest of nights!

Brian Janney, Quantum Sails San Diego

We just sailed the Port Huron to Macinac race and set a new course record. The boat is a RP 86 "Windquest" using Quantum Sails we have glow stripes on our main, J1, J2, A0. And when ever we build a new sail we now always order it with glow stripes.

Tristan Story - Sail Consultant, UK-Halsey Sailmakers Toronto

I used the stripes in the recent Chicago - Mackinac race and they sure make a difference, especially the chevrons on the spinnaker.

Kerry McMillan, Ocean Youth Trust Scotland Refit

The labels have all arrived. I think they look really good and I think will make a real improvement for our volunteers both in daylight and at night when they're struggling to remember which of the 21 ropes they need to use.


Steffi, USA

Been awhile but we FINALLY got to see the glowfast stripes on the sails last week!  We were doing an overnight race to Charleston (which no one finished because the wind took a crap), and the glowfast looks GREAT!  Our tactician was impressed and I was too.  I realize now I should have taken a picture... don't know what I was thinking.

We all love the Rope clutch labels too and I just ordered another set for the other boat I race on! 

Katerina, 3 Sisters Racing Team

The tapes (Glowfast Luminous Sail Tape - Racing Series) were definitely useful, it makes the trimming of sails much easier. Also for example when hoisting a sail it is easy to see how much of the sail is already up etc. It all means much less need for inefficient torch shining to the sails.

Gareth Allen, Assistant Commercial Manager, Oyster Marine Ltd.

Working with Glowfast has been simply effortless and a pleasure.

From day one, when asking for a sample set of labels, to the final proof for a set of custom labels to be supplied as to standard on all of our boats.

The team at Glowfast are very friendly, professional and enthusiastic. They’ve a great attitude and will investigate any options put to them with a quick, informative response.

They’ve a great set of products and we look forward to seeing all of the Oysters from now on fitted with a custom set of Glowfast Luminous Clutch Labels and hope to see some of the sails fitted with the Glowfast Luminous Sail Tape, which is now an available option on our standard sails.

I look forward to working with them in the future.

Myboatsgear.com review Glowfast Luminous Rope Clutch Labels

Glowfast make a range of labels and tapes that glow in the dark. This is a unique product for the marine field and can provide safety for your nighttime jaunts. If you have struggled to find anything in the dark of night, you know how hard it can be. Often you need to find a flashlight, however shining a flashlight on an object interferes with your might vision.

Glowfast labels for rope clutches make sure you know which clutch you are opening without having to find a flashlight. This simple label can make nighttime sailing a breeze.

Glowfast also make a range of labels for emergency and safety equipment. Again being able to find a fire extinguisher in the dark, or an EPIRB takes a valuable step out of the process.

Todd Riccardi, Helm, Team Adrenalin endurance catamaran sailing

Last August, I bought a new spinnaker for Nacra North Americans. I knew a black sail would look great on my boat and I went to a great effort to obtain this color. At the time I knew sailing the Tybee 500 was in my plans but didn’t quite think that far ahead. A few months later, once all our plans were finalized to sail the Tybee I realized the black spinnaker might be a problem. Not only was our spinnaker black, but the other sails were dark as well, the hulls gray, and it’s not all that big of a boat!

Glowfast Luminous Draft Stripes on Team Adrenalin

Sailing at night is typical in the Tybee 500 so two major concerns evolved… how were we going to see it at night and how were other boats (particularly commercial traffic) going to see us. After consulting several local sailmakers I still had no practical solution. It wasn’t until 3 weeks before the race that I saw Glowfast featured in an internet article. I immediately called Jason at Glowfast who was extremely helpful and sent me a roll of their Glowfast tape. Using the tape, I put chevron trim marks on my spinnaker and a draft strip on my jib. I chose these spots as they would be the most useful to our sail trim and most visible to others. The tape is as thin and lightweight as your typical heavy duty sailtape, it sticks very well and does not affect the sail performance.

While we were really hoping we wouldn’t be sailing at night the Glowfast allowed me to be content knowing that we were prepared if it did happen. Of course I probably jinxed us as this year’s edition of the Tybee was plagued with light winds leading to two consecutive late night finishes. The first of these was a result of a very slow day. At 2PM we found ourselves 90 miles away from the finish and we were only sailing at 3-5knots. It didn’t take long for us to accept the inevitable; we were going to sail in the dark and most likely for a long while.

As the sun set we immediately noticed the Glowfast tape starting to glow against the black sail. Once it was dark, the tape made it easy to identify the amount of luff curl even with our tired eyes. Having stared at the spinnaker for 15 hours my crew was thankful for the Glowfast chevrons. His biggest concern prior to the race was that the tape would throw off our night vision but it did not, it glowed just the right amount. While we did not see many boats during the 5 hours of sailing in the dark, a couple of our competitors told us that we stood out from a distance as it was obvious there was a boat there rather than any other sail that blended into the darkness.

Thanks to Glowfast my concerns were addressed and in exactly the way I had hoped for. My only regret is that I did not put any of the tape on my mainsail but I needed to be sure to save some for our next boat!

Thanks again to Jason and the Glowfast team for supporting the safety of Team Adrenalin in the 2009 Tybee 500!

Glowfast Luminous Sail Tape makes waves on crew.co.nz.

"We didnt actually use reflector tape but instead 'glow tape'. It actually absorbs light and charges up during the day, then glows all night. its bright enough to see the exact shape on each speed strip and also under the woolies on the genoa.

Better than relfector tape as you actually need to shine something on reflector tape to get it to work. We used both for the round north island race and it was pretty handy.

Mine was supplied by Glowfast marine for a trial, and I must say it was much better than anything I have used before.

It is highly recommended for night time sailing and sure makes a difference"

"Booboo gave me a little bit of the glow tape when I picked up some sails on the friday before the race. I cut it up into some nice little bits to put on our sails if we were going to be out there for a while but didn't get to use it as we piedys finished at a reasonable hour.

So it sat in my bag all day without much light etc and it was glowing away in there when I got our our late dinner back on the wharf! Its cool stuff and we definitely want some for coastal! :D"

The Sailor formally known as Rising Damp!